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Daihinia™ is a tool for WiFi. It provides Multi-hop using the Ad-Hoc mode. Multi-hop Ad-Hoc networks offer a higher flexibility than Access Points because computers in Ad-Hoc mode are equal peers extending the range of the same network, and Daihinia forwards the traffic accordingly by using several hops when needed. Daihinia core is a system driver and all programs benefit automatically. (read more...)



Easter Discount

For the period of the Easter week, we decided to offer a 30% discount for any number of Daihinia licenses that you order.

This is a time-limited offer. Enter the number of licenses and submit.

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Happy Easter!

v1.7.13 released!

[+] Easy Internet Sharing is a new feature, to enable internet sharing directly from the Control App.
[*] Almost all explanatory texts were rewritten.

by Dr. Radut