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Daihinia™ is a tool for WiFi. It provides Multi-hop using the Ad-Hoc mode. Multi-hop Ad-Hoc networks offer a higher flexibility than Access Points because computers in Ad-Hoc mode are equal peers extending the range of the same network, and Daihinia forwards the traffic accordingly by using several hops when needed. Daihinia core is a system driver and all programs benefit automatically. (more...)



Auto-setup improvement planned

We are planning some changes to the Overview page of Daihinia Control App, for the future release.

The old variant looked like below, and was asking interactive questions during the process:

We thought that some questions are not needed when you set up just a client computer, or doing a simple update, so the Overview tab may now look like this:

Which interface would you prefer to have, the old one with interactive questions after you clicked Proceed, or the new one, when two questions may be avoided beforehand, if your visit to Daihinia Control Application is of minor importance?

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v1.7.13 released!

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  • Easy Internet Sharing is a new feature, to enable internet sharing directly from the Control App.
  • Almost all explanatory texts were rewritten.