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A changelog is a log or record of changes made to a software project.

v1.8.8 released!

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  • When displaying system errors, we now also specify which API was called; troubleshooting is easier when the context of the error is known in addition to the error code.

v1.8.7 released!

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  • We now load DIFxAPI dynamically: from the system if the system has it (newer systems) or from Daihinia package if the system doesn't have it (older systems).
    By doing so, we eliminate the hassle for older systems (XP, Server 2008) users to manually add DIFxAPI.DLL to System32, while permitting Microsoft to fix their library on newer systems (Windows 8.1, 10) without our intervention, via their system updates.
    "Middle-aged" systems like Windows 7 work normally, as usual.
  • (possible bug fix) We now explicitly remove the Miniport part of the driver package upon uninstallation. Reportedly, on some systems, the miniport part remained in the system after Daihinia uninstallation. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

v1.8.6 released!

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  • (bugfix) License status might have got lost on some systems with multiple user accounts.

v1.8.5 released!

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  • (bugfix) On 64-bit systems, upon package uninstallation, Control App was waiting for user input instead of uninstalling the driver and returning to package uninstaller.

v1.8.4 released!

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  • Now Control App explicitly unbinds the driver from the interfaces that were not selected by the user for binding (in the Select Adapter dialog). Was causing confusion in some cases.

v1.8.3 released!

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  • We gave up on redistributing DIFxAPI with our app, even if Microsoft [still] recommends so. The version of DIFxAPI that they provide in their SDK for redistribution does not work well on all Windows versions, so we decided to rely on the version that is provided by Windows itself, because different versions of Windows have different versions of this library.

In case that your system misses this library, take this archive (DIFxAPI.DLL from the latest official SDK as of today, from the redist folder) and Extract DIFxAPI.DLL from the appropriate subfolder depending on your platform, and put it in Windows\System32. This is mostly the case of XP systems that are not officially supported anymore.

v1.8.2 released!

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  • The new method of driver installation (DIFxAPI) implicitly installs both parts of the driver package; Daihinia Control App was explicitly calling DIFxAPI for both parts, causing errors that some files that have to be copied into the system already exist there. Fixed.

v1.8 released!

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  • Added a native 64bit variant of Daihinia Control App, this should fix WOW64 issues on x64 systems, when the driver may have got installed into Windows\SysWOW64 instead of Windows\System32.

v1.7.15 released!

  • Network schematic added to the control app, for easier reference

v1.7.14 released!

  • Overview tab improved, now you can quickly set the computer role in your Daihinia network, in many cases it will save you from being asked extra questions.
  • Easy Internet Sharing (new feature): new tab in Control App where you can quickly enable Internet sharing on your gateway computer.

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