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More minor improvements

We did some more minor improvements for you convenience; this time - on the site.

  • Our support ticketing system is now WYSIWYG, almost as any word processor you got used with. For example, you can paste an offending window's screenshot simply by pressing ctrl+v in the form where you type your message. Reminder: taking the shot of the currently focused window is done by pressing Alt+PrtSc on Windows systems (and it goes to clipboard), then it can be pasted here like a breeze.
  • We added 3 extra types of polls: Ranking poll, Binary poll, and Webform. They provide some more advanced types of polls than the previous single-choice poll was offering. However, the existing users are not subscribed to these types of polls, you have to subscribe manually, if you want to get mail notifications when we are polling. Log in, then go to My Account -> Subscriptions -> Content Types and tick the respective checkboxes there. Newly registered users are subscribed automatically.
  • Maybe something else, but so minor, that we ourselves dont remember. sad

Have a great time and happy meshing!

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