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Clients are not getting IP parameters from a Windows 2008 Server DHCP, what to do?

This is because your wireless adapter driver reports the interface "up" state only when it's factually connected to a network, which usually happens later than the DHCP server is started.

To solve this issue, connect the network first, then do an explicit binding of DHCP to that interface:

  1. Click on the DHCP in Administrative Tools, it will open the DHCP management console.
  2. Stop the DHCP server.
  3. Connect a client to the Daihinia network, doesn't matter if it has an IP address or not.
  4. Start the DHCP server.
  5. Right-click on the server icon in the left pane tree in DHCP management console, select "Add/Remove Bindings..."
  6. Tick the checkbox against your WiFi adapter's interface.
  7. Configure the DHCP scope if you haven't done this already.
  8. Reconnect the clients.

After you perform these steps and explicitly specify the binding of DHCP to your wireless interface, everything will work automatically afterwards. Happy meshing!

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