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Can I easily deploy mesh nodes from a flash drive?

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Yes, there is a possibility to save the Daihinia mesh network profile onto a USB flash drive and deploy new nodes quickly.

  1. On the computer that is the network initiator and where you created the Daihinia Ad-Hoc network, click on the wifi icon in the notification area, then open the Network and Sharing Center:

  2. There, click Manage wireless networks:

  3. Right-click on the network profile tat you created, then open Properties:

  4. Then click on the Copy the network profile to a USB flash drive:

  5. Then follow the instructions on the screen:

  6. After Windows prepares the flash drive, you can copy the Daihinia installer onto that drive too:

  7. To deploy the network profile, insert the flash drive into the target computer:

  8. It will create a network profile on the target computer and will remember the network password, and the user can connect without entering it manually each time:

  9. Of course, you will also have to start Daihinia installer (reinsert the flash drive, then first Open folder to view files at the autostart prompt) to see and run Daihinia installer.

  10. If Daihinia Control App will ask if this computer is a network initiator, answer No; you already have the necessary network profile.
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