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Testing Area

This is our Testing Area, where test releases are available for download.

  • Test releases may be highly unstable, and even crash your OS! Make sure you know how to recover your system in such cases (System Restore in Safe Mode on Windows, LiveCD boot on Linux) before trying out tests.
  • If you see a version x.y.z as a stable release, and the same x.y.z-TEST, that means that the stable release is newer than the test (usually it means that a test got lucky enough to get promoted as stable), please prefer the stable one.
  • Tests will always annoy you that a different version is available oficially. Tests are not intended for usual use. The tests changelog usually includes things that we only started to implement, and are not yet finished.
  • You must be Registered and Logged in to have access.

If you are still confident even after the words said above, feel free to apply for the Tester role by going to My Account -> Apply For Role tab. You should be notified via email when your application is approved. Also it may come handy if you subscribe to Test Release (Subscriptions -> Content types) so you would get notified via email when new tests come out.

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